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24 Replies to “Woke his wife and fucked good”

  1. g4pilut says:

    nothin' like a cutie with a mean ass!

  2. brucevaughn36 says:


  3. wongyli says:

    This is just so hot

  4. Matthew-P says:

    I would seriously love to get fucked like that!!!! Everytime i watch this video I get my pussy so so so wet! I mean the guy's dick looks so good and how he licks her pussy !!! But Lana oh god I've never been with a girl but now it's like a fantasy of mine !!!!

  5. bobofosho123 says:

    Anyone here got some v-bucks

  6. sercenasniegu says:


  7. yozef says:

    So fucking hot

  8. irina-grey says:

    Perfect body!!!

  9. EmiOhMy says:

    damn .

  10. ttnowakowski says:

    hoe lol.

  11. wjamesi says:

    God damn. That pussy wanted to take his balls is she could. God damn.

  12. dmartinbuitrago says:


  13. michaelj1944 says:

    They should have pushed her to her orgasmic limits by putting her on sybian then exfoliating her brains

  14. Zeezicht says:

    How am I not arrested after watching this so many times?

  15. zomjai says:

    WHAT. ARE. THOSE !!pathetic cum droplets =(After such a hot scene, this is a disaster. so sad

  16. peterg4000 says:

    Love to fuck this guy, love to suck that cock and fuck his ass.

  17. KamPutty says:

    cannot download your video.that sucks.

  18. auldworks says:

    The most exciting thing here is her stupid face. Really. Why do they always look like they absolutely don't know what they're doing, no feeling, no emotion, she's just empty. And it turns me on.

  19. Lollypop_2222 says:

    How I was done. Two gay guys down street invited me in an then asked pull cock out an I pulled it an jacking off an one started sucking my cock an other eating my ass an I was only 13 an it was first time guy touched an sucked me an loved it an first time I wanted my ass rimmed by one N sucking others cock so bad I tasted it dreamed it an ever day since that I couldn't wait to go there an finally weeks later I told them I wanted suck there cocks n had since day one and started sucking one

  20. chen33 says:

    Happy Birthday Andy

  21. gulshanthakur90 says:

    I would love to have my pussy rode like that

  22. Jujuu_ says:

    That was uh...That was quite the jump.

  23. COGIWEB says:

    Add me! look thru my feed to start something fun (;

  24. princessyellowf says:

    beautiful sight nice woman body

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